Household Structure

There is significant variation in the household structure of different cultures and countries, particularly concerning family members over the age of 60. To aid in the creation of a fact sheet concerning the intergenerational structure of households, Dr. Maja Založnik created an interactive Shiny app to allow users to easily compare countries to one another.

[Botswana] ... is actually the only country in my sample where the men over 60 are more likely to be living alone than the women!

These visualisations were built using R and Shiny, here's a basic overview of what Shiny is.

Dr. Maja Založnik is an IDN Super User, with publishing access to the IDN account, therefore when Maja was creating a conference poster to compare the intergenerational household structure across different countries it was an obvious choice to create a complimentary Shiny app.

This shiny app uses the following visualisation:

  • Mosaic plot - an advanced stacked bar where the bar width provides information about the relative size of the categories in the dataset

To replicate this interactive visualisation for yourself, refer to the IDN Shiny app template or else fork the actual code for the shiny app here.
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