IDN Shiny Service

The IDN runs and administrates a subscription that hosts all interactive data visualisations developed by the network for researchers at the University. Please contact if you're interested in submitting an Shiny app to the service.

The interactive application on this page is an example of a Shiny app hosted on the IDN account; built for the Online Labour Project. There is significant support and training in Shiny available here. is a subscription-based, hosted Shiny service. This allows users of R and Shiny to publish their interactive visualisations/webapps to the web for others to interact with. Subscriptions are limited primarily by the number of active hours awarded to each account; a free account is available with 25 free active hours [correct December 2016].

While a shiny app is displayed on screen, active hours are consumed. Apps will automatically timeout after 15minutes, unless otherwise specified
RStudio, Shiny and RMarkdown

The IDN pays for a professional tier account, entitling us to the following technical/academic facing features:

  • Unlimited applications: allowing the IDN to support many academics
  • 10,000 active hours: guaranteeing visualisations are available during high intensity traffic
  • Authentification: allows password protecting of Shiny apps, useful for embargoes visualisations
  • Account sharing: allows multiple appointed users to publish to our account

This is a new and very young service provided by IT Services; it does not yet support Oxford Single Sign On (SSO) and the appointing of additional account users requires an agreement to be signed with us. Please do get in contact with us with any questions you may have.

We aim to build support for this service over the coming years. Your use of the account during the early years will help make the case for us to move to a Oxford-hosted Shiny Server in the future. This would allow us to support SSO as well as other excting features for users of R and Shiny at the University.