Young Lives Case Study

Young Lives is a longitudual study of the lives of young children across India, Ethiopia, Vietnam and Peru - investigating their quality of life, access to amenities and educational outcomes over a 12 year period. In this case study we sought to create interactive visualistions to easily compare the educational outcomes within each country by a variety of measures, including gender and the education level of the child's primary care giver.

Young Lives visualises the lives of children across the world, interactive data viz help us explore and explain these stories

These visualisations were built using R and Shiny, here's a basic overview of what Shiny is.

The Young Lives team approach the IDN to build them a number of interactive visualisations to accompany the printed Fact Sheets that they produce each year for policy advisors and politicians. The IDN created a number of visualisations for visitors to the Young Lives website to understand the differences in educational outcomes across the four countries in the study.

This shiny app uses the following visualisations:

  • Grouped bar charts - useful for comparing data split by category and subcategories.

To replicate this interactive visualisation for yourself, refer to the IDN Shiny app template or else fork the actual code for the shiny app here. You an also contact the IDN on

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