Meet the IDN Team

IDN Super Users

IDN Super users are volunteer expert users in R and Shiny who are available to help YOU make your research datasets available via interactive data visualisations hosted on the Oxford IDN account.

For questions about how the IDN works please contact but if you want a friendly face to discuss building Shiny apps please contact the Super User closest to you in the University:

Edward Burn
Medical Sciences

Otto Kässi
Oxford Internet Institute
Social Sciences

Alfie Abdul Rahman
Social Sciences

Anas Rana
Medical Sciences

Emmanouela Repapi
Medical Sciences

Maja Založnik
Institute of Population of Ageing
Social Sciences

What exactly can IDN Super Users help you with?

  • Point you in the direction of templates and teaching resources on using R and Shiny.
  • Give you access to the University's staging/test area for Shiny apps
  • Publishing your shiny apps to the Oxford IDN account.

If you're interested in becoming a super user, please do contact

IDN Service Team

The IDN is a University-wide service designed to support researchers in developing and hosting interactive visualisations, to provide an exploratory tool for research data hosted by Open Data repositories. The project team is housed within Research Support Services in IT Services, and is extremely grateful for the continued support and guidance of our academic steering group.


Min Chen
Professor of Visualisation
Steering Group Member

Liz Greenhalgh
Knowledge Exchange
Steering Group Member

Charlie Hadley
Research Tech Specialist
Service Manager

Meriel Patrick
Research Tech Specialist
Service Team Member

Jonathan Prag
Associate Professor
Steering Group Member

Margaret Varga
OeRC Fellow
Steering Group Member

Rowan Wilson
Research Tech Specialist
Service Team Member