Figshare Logo

Figshare is a general-purpose data repository, that operates under the motto "credit for all your research". Free for end-users, Figshare's monetisation strategy is to offer its services and technical expertise to both publisher and institutions as an automated repository service. PLoS journals use Figshare to store all supplementary materials for their publications, providing a citeable DOI for all data published in PLoS journals.

It's important to note that Figshare is run commercially and owned by Macmillan Publishing Group, however it is possible for anyone to download a full copy of the Figshare archive and mirror it. Figshare is backed up regularly on AWS and the CLOCKSS archive service, the company is also investigating backing up the repository using blockchain technology. 

Figshare is the only widely used repository that provides a versionable DOI and has an excellently documented API, for this reason it is highly recommended by the IDN - in conjunction with an ORA Data deposit for University of Oxford researchers.

This is the current feature breakdown of Figshare as of Early 2018:

Provides DOI YES

Provides a method for versioning DOI

Support Embargos YES
Maximum individual file size 5Gb
Maximum total size of deposit Unlimited (for public deposits, 20Gb for private deposits)